About Us

Working Smarter Not Harder -

Team Focusing on ONE Communal Family Hive every Bee wins, they all focus on the One task to build One Bee Hive. Any sporting coach will tell you, a successful Football Team is the one that plays as a Team. It doesn’t matter which individual scores the goals, or how many, it’s the end result that matters, which is due to Everyone’s Contribution Large or Small. Our Member Profit Share System is based on this principle.

Some of the best inventions and innovative ideas man has developed throughout history have come from observing Nature and the animal kingdom. Over millions of years of evolution through experience and refining their behavior thousands of animal species have found the secret to survival and successful communal living.

If you observe the humble Honey Bee and its Hive, you will find every Bee is helping to maintain ONE Bee Hive, they are not working independently trying to maintain and build their own individual hive, they have realized this is slow and grossly inefficient. However working Together as a

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Nature has found the secret to successful communal living and the Greatest Commerce Secret for Achievement in the World. When people put aside greed and ego and work Together for a common worthwhile shared goal we can achieve anything and Everyone Wins not just a select or lucky few.

The 4EVER Team System Program is amazingly simple, its proven and successful, all you have to do is join and share the benefits of the company profit sharing incentives through word of mouth advertising. 4EVER is about working with you to create, abundant cash flow and the lifestyle you desire. 4EVER is also about being responsible for our world and helping create solutions for our planet both humanitarian, and environmental.

This is a online business organization.

4EVER has offices around the world. Our Programs are relevant to whatever the economic or political climate in which you live. We have a 24 hour online office accessible world wide, we run conferences in multiple locations. We have members in many cities.

Simply purchase one time any one product available with us. Cash flow and skills at an accelerated rate and with the FREE bonuses from our Profit Share and Affiliate Sales System, attend 4EVER conferences to achieve true freedom and independence. Whatever you dream, it is possible. We show you how.


Company Profile -

4EVER is the brainchild of a group of marketing professional motivated by a dynamic zeal and encouraged by a pragmatic vision to generated and go on creating opportunity after opportunity, exploiting to the optimum and the maximum the RPS i.e. Referral Promotion System Network / MLS. Thus making a win, win scenario inevitably possible for all patrons’ participants, promoters and patrons. We also help the nation by eradicating the problem of unemployment: our plans for progress are synonymous with the self-employment concept. Through our scheme and strategy there will be an increase in the tax-revenues of the Government as we sincerely pay taxes on every single paisa transacted to put it in nutshell others promise but we deliver.

Unique Features -


  • Be relaxed and tension free, because there will be no buying or selling pressure at all.
  • Reap the benefits up to 30th level depth.
  • Availability of Nomination facility.
  • Zoom to the zenith No target the sky is the only limit.
  • An attractive range of Hi-quality consumer products.
  • Online account maintenance, accessible via internet.
  • Feel free to check, from time-to-time details germane to the list of products.
  • Create opportunities, uncover new lists & locate viable lists in the near future using article facts and figures.
  • Weekly Income Schedule
    • The income of the IBD’s will be distributor through account payee cheques /online transfer on weekly basis.
    • By deducting as applicable TDS and 10% service charge.
    • The distribution of the cheques will be on every Thursday